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WF Maschinenbau und Blechformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

For more than 25 years now the name WF Maschinenbau & Blechformtechnik GmbH
& Co. KG has been an equivalent for innovations in the field of non-cutting shaping.
From the very beginning of the WF company it has been the superior target of all development work carried out to build and produce machine tools that operate to the satisfaction of our customers.

Manufacturer of innovate metal forming machines:
- Machines for the production of split, fold and poly-V-pulleys, poly-V-pulleys with
  master gearing, pulleys for air-conditioning systems and vibration damper elements
  produced from round blanks or from preforms
- Machines for the forming of hubs at motor and transmission components produced
  from round blanks and forged raw parts
- Roll forming machines for the production of flywheel ring gears and other toothed
  gears produced from round planks, preforms or forged raw parts
- Flow-forming machines for the production of internally toothed clutch and
  transmission parts produced from round blanks, preforms or forged raw parts
- Flow-forming and flow-turning machines for the production of rotationally
  symmetrical workpieces of all kinds as well as rims, wheel disks

M/s. WF are worldwide possessing numerous patents in all fields of non-cutting forming, particularly for the production of hubs, pulleys as well as clutch and transmission components and parts.

M/s. WF deliver machines worldwide to all renowned suppliers of the automobile industry. Some of WF customers are:

  - Winkelmann & Pannhoff GmbH - Germany
  - Hayes-Lemmerz Werke - Germany
  - Gates Rubber Company - Canada
  - Tesma International - Canada
  - Samtech Corp. - Japan and USA
  - Kawasaki Motors Man. - USA
  - Onca - Brazil
  - Baisch Eng. - South Africa
  - and others ...

Sendenhorst, Germany

For more information about WF Maschinenbau and its products, please contact us.