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STOTZ Feinmesstechnik GmbH

Stotz designs, manufactures, and sells pneumatic-electronic gages and control devices. The customers are manufactures and suppliers of the tool, machine, automobile,
and aerospace industries. Furthermore, Stotz offers complete systems to automate production machines by employing own feedback control systems.

Otto Stotz, the founder of the company, started in 1952 with the distribution
of measuring and control systems. Today, Stotz is the leader in gauging technology. Numerous patents within the last few years have solidified Stotz’s position
as trendsetter for new measuring technology and pneumatic measuring systems.
In February of 2000, Stotz opened Stotz USA in United States.

Gaging System Solutions
Stotz Feinmesstechnik GmbH develops together with its customers work-piece-specific solutions. Stotz‘s experience in manufacturing precision gauges, single- or multi-dimensional measuring fixtures and production-integrated, fully automated gauging systems makes the company a competent partner.

Pneumatic standard processes are employed in:     
- measuring of length and diameters
- evaluation of geometric dimensions an tolerances (parallelism of axis, concentricity/
  dynamic, runout / dynamic, etc.)
- determination of work piece or feature centers

Innovative measuring methods are employed in:     
- scanning of work piece contours
- classification, sorting and matching of work pieces
- dynamic measuring and storing of peak values
- trend calculations and -observations

Pneumatic-Electronic measuring and controlling
Control devices for universal applications
The multi-functional measuring and control device (MSG) offers all the advantages
of a flexible control device such as:       
- separate unit directly on the machine
- system (also with feedback loop) for internal data transfer between MSG-devices
- unit with data transfer to superior networks

External programming software enables the user to individually program these units.
Industrial PC's equipped with DOORS (SPC-software developed at Stotz) allow complex statistical analysis of measurements and process control via user-specific programming.

Transducer technology for the future.
In addition to our standard transducers (PEW) Stotz offers "rapid" transducers (SPW) for highest resolution and shortest measuring time.

Quality Guaranteed through in-house productions
Stotz guarantees highest quality and precise function of their guage systems through in-house production. Your single source for quality control - manufacturing, mechanical and electrical assembly, calibration and quality control in Stotz‘s own lab.

Gerlingen, Germany

For more information about Stotz and its products, please contact us.