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Nordex AG

Nordex AG is a global company offering powerful wind turbines for almost all geographic regions across the globe. Few technologies have made so much progress in recent years as the use of wind energy. Nordex is one of the fathers of this development.
Nordex was launched in 1985, before the international demand for wind turbines increased in the first half of the nineties. One of the founding members is today's Sales Director, Carsten Pedersen. From the outset, Nordex focused on large, powerful turbines. In just two years, the company installed the largest series wind turbine in the world at the time.
Following the principle of small steps, Nordex has succeeded in building reliable machines, which operate with ever-increasing efficiency. Moreover, new standards have been set with several of their innovative products: the entry into the megawatt class in 1995 and the development of the first wind turbine with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts in 2000 – today one of the largest serial produced wind turbines in the world - are just two examples of this.

Many years of know-how in the wind energy sector, systematic engineering and customer-oriented product development have all contributed to the wind turbines Nordex produces today:

- N100 (2.5 Megawatt)
  The Nordex N100/2500 kW is a turbine suitable for inland sites with mean annual
  wind speeds of less than 7.5 m/s. The prominent feature of the N100 is its 49 meter
  long rotor blades, resulting in a large rotor diameter of some 100 meters.
- N90 (2.5 Megawatt)
  The N90/2500 kW is the most versatile and at the same time one of the most
  efficient wind turbines in the Nordex product family. The turbine is designed for
  locations with strong winds and locations with light winds in the HS (high-speed)
  and LS (low-speed) versions.
- N90 (2.3 Megawatt)
  With a rotor diameter of 90 meters, the Nordex N90 is especially suitable for inland
  locations. The Nordex N90 is a variable-speed wind turbine with a rated capacity
  of 2300 kW.
- N80 (2.5 Megawatt)
  The rotor diameter of 80 meters and the installed capacity of 2.5 MW make
  the Nordex N80 the first choice when it comes to value for money at strong wind
- S77 (1.5 Megawatt)
  Due to the rotor diameter (77 metres) and the pitch technology used, the Nordex S77
  is optimally designed for use in areas with low wind speeds. The turbine is offered
  exclusively for the asian-pacific markets.
- S70 (1.5 Megawatt)
  The Nordex S70 combines consistent engineering with technologically high-quality
  components in an efficient concept for high energy yield at inland locations.
  The turbine is offered exclusively for the asian-pacific markets.
- N90 Offshore
  With the Nordex N90 Offshore we offer a version of the 2.5 MW machine which has
  been thoroughly tried and tested onshore.

Norderstedt, Germany

For more information about Nordex and its products, please contact us.