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Successful for over 40 years!
On 1. January 1965 the first step was taken in the successful history of a German machinery manufacturing company. It was the day on which Erich Nickel – a brilliant electrical engineer – founded the company by the name of NIMAK, a company
of worldwide renown today.

Nimak's flexibility and dynamic approach comes from over 40 years as a medium sized company successfully engaged in the field of welding engineering. Nimak's discerning customers include nearly every global player in the automotive manufacture and supply industry.
The ability to innovate, the shining reputation of Nimak's design, the constant readiness to improve and ensure quality has given Nimak internationally the reputation of being an absolutely reliable partner in the market sector of welding guns, welding machines and welding plants is assured. There are over 200 highly-motivated staff with their effective know how, their many years of experience and their commitment.
That's why there are modern production plants and welding laboratories as well as engineering and technology always ready to meet the current demands as they arise.

Business Sectors:
- Automotive Industry & Suppliers
  Typical application for NIMAK robot welding guns is in chassis building, in order
  to achieve the high degree of automation. But the manual version of the NIMAK
  manual welding guns is also used, for example for prototype building.
- White goods – domestic appliances
  Clean welded! Or do you already wash up with NIMAK? For example NIMAK robot
  seam weld gun renders dish washers waterproof with a tight welded seam.
- Industry
  Switches, sensors, plugs, wire mesh, weld nuts, etc.
  ... whatever needs welding – NIMAK will build a suitable machine for you to do it.
- Aviation
  Nimak is here as at home as well ...

Core Products:
- Manual Welding Guns
  VariGun, ClassicGun, Controls, Accessories, Gun Carriage Milan3
- Robot Welding Guns
  Spot and projections welding guns, Seam roll welding guns, Capacitor discharge
  welding gun RoboKES, Servo technology, Tool change system SecuTES, Gun test
  center RTS
- Welding Machines
  Spot welding machines, Projection welding machines, Seam welding machines,
  Capacitor discharge welding machines, Controls, Stud welding units, Transformers
- Welding Plants
  Standard welding machines with special welding tool, Automated welding plants
  for arc welding, Welding cells with robotic, Turntable plants, Welding lines

In case of a fault, a worldwide network of representatives and service technicians guarantee quick and professional help on the spot to find the cause of the fault as quickly as possible, to rectify it and by doing so to reduce your downtime as much
as possible.
In addition we recommend our customers to have the NIMAK Service Team
to maintain and optimize the plant and machines on a regular basis.

Wissen, Germany

For more information about Nimak and its products, please contact us.