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G&N (Genauigkeits Maschinenbau Nuernberg GmbH) is a manufacturer of high precision surface grinding machines, inner diameter (ID-) saws and diamond wire saws for machining of metals, ceramics and semiconductor material like silicon, GaAs, sapphire and others.
G&N is the successor of the machinery department of "Kugelmüller" at Nuernberg, looking back on 60 years of experience in grinding, with over 12.000 machines installed since 1938.
Machines for Metal
Ranging from manual table-grinders to semi-automatic round-table-grinders with a maximum diameter of 700 mm, for grinding metal, hard-metal, glass, ceramics and other materials with highest precision.

Machines for Semiconductor Materials

Semi-automatic grinders for wafers with 2" up to 8" diameter.
Fully automatic machines of the NANO-Series for automatic cassette-to-cassette grinding of semiconductor-material up to 300 mm.
Grinders for special-materials like GaAs, sapphire, silicon and technical ceramics.

Machines for Photovoltaic Materials

Machines for grinding the surfaces of polycrystalline and mono-crystalline silicon-bars.
- Surface-damages of the solar cells are minimized by grinding the bars.
- The high surface-quality of the bars reduces the breakage rate of sawed solar cells.


Inner diameter saws for the separation of non-metallic materials like semiconductor-materials, glass, ceramics.
Diamond multi wire saws designed to slice semiconductor material, ceramics and other brittle material.

Erlangen, Germany

For more information about G&N and its products, please contact us.