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For more than 50 years ELB-SCHLIFF is producing state-of-the-art surface and profile grinding machines. Today’s product line consists of a wide variety of conventional surface and creepfeed grinders, workpiece-specific customized modifications and special grinding machinery.
Depending on the application ELB-Schliff proposes hydraulic surface grinders,
speed-stroke or creepfeed machines built either with conventional travelling tables or
according to the travelling-column design.
For extremely large workpieces ELB-Schliff produces a line of double column gantry-type machines and for small mass production parts or workpieces with concentric surfaces offers a variety of rotary table grinders. If a customer has special wishes their modular building-block design allows them to build almost any machine configuration using existing modules and subassemblies.
Ever since the company’s beginnings ELB-Schliff applies the “ELB system”:
The clear separation of the main axis movements X-Y-Z is the prerequisite for rigidity
and lasting accuracy.
ELB-SCHLIFF produced the very first creepfeed grinders in 1958 and subsequently
developed the CD Process (Continuous Dressing) together with its customers.
ELB-SCHLIFF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH was also the first in industry to introduce
a dual-spindle machine with horizontal grinding spindles for creepfeed applications.
ELB-Schliff's competence and leadership has been proven time and time again through the successful installation of over 30,000 machines worldwide.

Babenhausen/Hessen, Germany

For more information about ELB-SCHLIFF and its products, please contact us.