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EEW-Protec machining centers are of unique design and offer completely new opportunities for machining of

  • Huge workpieces (The bigger – the more economical!)

  • High speed machining of materials like PU- and epoxy paste, woods, Ureol, carbon fiber- or glass reinforced plastic (CFRP / GRP), styrofoam, foams, aluminum.

and guarantee realization of all “normal” machining (milling, drilling, grinding …) tasks plus water jet cutting, plasma cutting, extruding, laminating and more.

They offer economical solutions where traditional big machining centers from “steel and iron casting” cannot be productive enough or just are too small and too expensive!

The EEW-Protec design looks different to known traditional machining centers. One has first to understand the innovative EEW-concept in order to see the decisive advantages. The machine main structure is made of carbon fiber material and aluminum sandwiched honey-comb components thus it is extremely stiff and light at the same time. These are the preconditions for highest machining speed (up to 150 m/min) and impressive precision. Thanks to the lightweight construction there is no special (expensive) foundation required – reducing investment costs. The machining centers feature wearless roller guideways, servo drives, no hydraulic nor lubrication system is required – resulting in reduced maintenance costs. The Heidenhain controlling unit can easily be partnered with computer aided styling and design systems like Tebis / Pro Engineer / Master Surf / Surf Cam / Unigraphs / Cathia and alike. All these features together enable EEW-Protec to offer a much more economical solution for machining tasks, where conventional machining centers would not be suitable.

Main fields of applications are (among others):

  • Wind turbines: Manufacture of rotor blades

  • Shipbuilding:

    • Manufacture of positive and negative moulds for ship and boat components as well as of ship components themselves

    • Manufacture of 1:1 scale models for hulls

    • Manufacture of ship models for towing tests in Maritim Research Laboratories

  • Aircraft: Manufacture of moulds for airplane carbon reinforced components as well as of carbon fiber components themselves

  • Automotive: Manufacture of prototypes and models for design studies and wind tunnel tests

  • Foundries: Manufacture of moulds for sand casting

Kiel, Germany

For more information about EEW-Protec and its products, please contact us.