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Diato GmbH company was founded in Esslingen a.N. in 1979, which independently produces diamond and bornitrid tools. Diato GmbH is a part of Gehring Group companies.
Diato fulfills the present requirements with honing stones of diamond or borium nitride (CBN). In modern manufacturing, these represent the most cost-effective and best technological solution. The extreme hardness of Diamond and CBN guarantees long lifetime cycles for the honing stones – a basic requirement for a production facility with a high degree of automation and multi-shift operation.
On account of the particular hardness of the abrasive material, honing stones
of Diamond or CBN have an excellent accuracy of form. This has an impact on the process reliability and the precision of the honed bore. The honing of very small bores can often only be carried out by means of Diamond or CBN. Thanks to the high stock removal capacity of the abrasive materials used by Diato, some of the preparatory work can be rationalized.

You will save time and money and make profits:
- In car manufacturing with engines, gears and fuel injection systems,
- In vehicle manufacturing with systems which are relevant to safety, such as steering
  and brakes,
- In hydraulic and pneumatic systems with cylinders, control valves, pumps
  and compressors,
- In general mechanical engineering and tool manufacture,
- As well as in aerotechnics and space technology.

Ostfildern, Germany

For more information about Diato and its products, please contact us.