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Throughout the world, Agathon grinding machines and precision products are used every single day. And for approximately 90 years. Agathon is an independent family company, now in its third generation of leadership with Dr. Walter Pfluger and Jürg
A. Pfluger, who are grandsons of Leo Pfluger, who founded the company.

Agathon's two main pillars of strength are the production of specific machine tools for the precision grinding and standards for the punching-die construction and guiding elements for the construction of injection die molding, machinery, equipment and fixtures. Agathon develops own high quality machinery and products at their own factory.

We hope you too will take advantage of Agathon's considerable experience and expertise as they provide solutions that are cost effective and will meet your precise needs.


Indexable insert grinding machines characterized by the highest levels of accuracy
Complex inserts of various materials and geometry can be produced with the Agathon grinding machines.


Higest precision with a user-friendly operation process
Our centerless grinding machines mean we have mastered the compromise between the highest accuracy of form, precision, and high productivity in the centerless grinding of workpiece-diameters from 0.1 to 15mm and lengths up to 125mm.


For many years, Agathon Standards have fulfilled the high demands of the customers This is due to applying the best material quality, surface quality and the tightest tolerances. The optimum preload and special entrance geometry on pillar and bush guarantee a long life. The patented Agathon calking process and the special shape of the receiving pockets ensure exact play and perfect resting of the roller elements in the cage.
The simple installation process will save you time, because pillar and bushes are provided with a centering aid and the outer diameter tolerance in the bush is very close.

Solothurn, Switzerland

For more information about Agathon and its products, please contact us.